NAR Pay Forward Logo

photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) asked me to create a logo for use in their "Pay Forward Proud" fundraising campaign in 2017. The design was inspired primarily by the classic Apollo project insignia. The logo also includes a subtly hidden visual reference to the NAR 60th anniversary, which was founded in 1957 by Orville Carlisle and G. Harry Stine. The logo appears on the NAR website, as well as the NAR Collection Twitter page.

One of the rewards being offered to donors is a canvas print of the logo.

The fundraising effort seeks to support the preservation and cataloging of the model rocketry collections of G. Harry Stine, Vern Estes, and Lee Piester. The Museum of Flight in Seattle houses the collection of the National Association of Rocketry, and the museum currently has on display some of the more interesting items. Only a small portion of the collection is on display, and there are many more items being preserved in storage that need to be cataloged.

The design features the prominent red NAR delta logo, which is a registered trademark of the association and is used with permission.

The Design

When discussing the logo design with the NAR, they expressed interest in seeing ideas that recalled the classic mission patches of the Apollo program. I offered several alternative approaches, and the design they were attracted to referenced the Apollo project insignia. I took the concept a step further by borrowing the look of period space illustrations and children's science books.

One more desire on the part of the NAR was to incorporate a secret hidden design element similar to those incorporated into some of the Apollo patches. I included a reference to the founding of the NAR sixty years prior to the creation of this design. It shouldn't be difficult to find, but in case you want help ... [SHOW SPOILER]

Shown below are a few of the visual references from which I took inspiration.

Apollo program emblem, Image credit: NASA
Apollo program emblem
Image credit: NASA
Apollo reentry illustration, Image credit: NASA
Apollo reentry illustration
Image credit: NASA
NASA Facts poster (1967), Image credit: NASA
NASA Facts poster (1967)
Image credit: NASA