3ds max


Created for a whimsical holiday card, this snowman is basking in the warm tropical sun while on vacation. The inspiration was the fact that my wife and I had our wedding and Honeymoon in Hawaii that year. To keep with the rocket and space theme for my holiday cards, I added red rockets to the edge of the pool. The rockets alternate with Palm trees to represent my wife's love of Hawaii together with my love of rockets.

In the Summer of 2004, I had just completed a certificate program in game animation at the University of Washington. This image was an exercise to see how far I could go with what I had learned about modeling, texturing, and lighting. This image makes extensive use of procedural texturing. Very few of the elements use image maps. Those that do use image maps are very simple.

The towel and drink umbrella use image maps that are photographs of actual objects. The blue hat band texture is made from a photograph of one of my Hawaiian shirts. The label for the suntan lotion is an original creation of mine.